Good corporate (stooge) citizen with the dream to be a published author one day but the realism to know that a good MBA will go a long way.  The novel I had in-progress for the last 6+ years looks remarkably like a book recently published by Dean Koontz.  Since I don't have the legal backing to take him on, I'll focus my energy on the wonderful, wacky world of West Allis.  Thanks for the memories.

I am a writer with more talent than drive and more ideas than completed stories. I am writing the forthcoming Arizona and Utah novel as I currently work on this West Allis project. While I have not worked to get published, I have written two film scripts, about a dozen short stories, and over 100 poems over the past two decades. I have also written humorous articles for Real Wisconsin News. Actually, I have started to work to get published, and it ain't easy.

I started by putting all of my stories on Amazon. Even some on Google Books. I also created author profiles on various book sites. When I'd gotten most of my old work online, I made my author page (McNewsy) a subscription-only website so that the droves of adoring fans could someday pay for a subscription--likely after I'm dead and someone "discovers" what I was capable of writing. I then focused on my teaching lessons, putting around 300 of them online for folks to buy. Of course, I should have started with the lessons, since those actually sell. Even my best-selling Kindle book is a lesson unit. Realizing that non-fiction sells better than fiction, I tried my hand at writing a simple guide for churches to build their own websites (since none of them seem to want to hire me).


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  • Northeast Florida Real Estate Agents: What You're Missing
    While there are a few local real estate agents / realtors who blog about areas they like to sell in Northeast Florida, it seems that there may not be time or desire to create the evergreen content necessary to become established in one area. Now, I totally believe any person who can write 150 positive words about an outdated property she's trying to sell could easily write about the nice-ities of living in Nocatee, but it's not necessarily part of the job description, so you don't do it. But you really, really should.

    Simple example of why you need to blog (write) about a neighborhood you want to sell. When I was doing research about my house, built in 2003, I found a realtor website from 2003 that had information about my area. Without probably realizing it, that realtor has been getting hits (and maybe a few clients) from a simple article that talked about the new neighborhood going in. Even if people don't tell you they found you because of an article, and even if it seems like a lot of time in 2019 to write five paragraphs about Magnolia Grove. Long after everyone else has taken down information about floor plans, prices, and showings, your website can be a treasure trove of information for people who might be considering a move to a new area.

    I recently had a man from another state contact me about retiring to Jacksonville. He asked for the name of a realtor. I provided one. That realtor was not you. While I'm not even sure what a lead like that is worth, the point is that a non-realtor was able to generate it. I bet that would be pretty nice if, out of the 10,000 people relocating to the area each year, you would get a couple of emails a week asking about using your services to find a home. Not leads that come through the home office, but ones that come because you are seen as an authority. At least I assume most agents would appreciate that.

    Sure, I can write content, and you could hire me. I'm fine with that. Pick an area to sell, and I'll write about why that's the best area to be, and the best agent for that area. But you can also do that as well. Not just for a listing that will be gone once the house sells. Take all the good stuff from that listing and add it to an article that stays with you and your website. Maybe even start a blog, like this one. I can also help with that. Really, if real estate is your long-term goal in the Duval / St. Johns / Clay area, then you'll want to have a presence that goes beyond your corporate profile and past listings.
  • Jeff Glauser's New Website
    Jeff Glauser is a local consultant, writer, trainer, branding expert, and virtual COO. I met him at a local business group, and we hit it off because we have some similar interests and abilities. At first, you might think that another freelancer with similar abilities would be intimidating, but we both saw it as an opportunity to employ each other's talents in a meaningful way. He'd never totally built his own website, and I'd never been paid much for all my consulting, writing, and training that I'd done as part of my website building. Plus, I wanted to learn more about what it takes to be a branding expert and virtual COO.

    Jeff's website was easy to build because he had excellent content ready for me. Many times, I need to create empty pages that I hope will be filled by some kind of updated content, and clients don't always get around to doing it. Having the content ready for me also allows me to format it properly from the start, since copying and pasting from Word often results in lots of added code that I like to remove. If you hire a web designer, it pays to have some content ready to go so that the designer can use his or her talents to get it looking good from the outset.

    Jeff and I decided to trade services in order to make the website happen. I think bartering for a website is perfectly legitimate, especially if the trade can further result in jobs down the road. Jeff will see that I can build a top-notch website fairly quickly, and when he needs something like it for one of his clients, I can be called upon. Plus, I get some branding or consulting to help me. Back before I made website building an actual part of my career, I built sites for friends who would let me play in a baseball league for free or record a song for me (yes, I built the website for a song). As long as both parties are satisfied, I like trading services.

    I've tried this technique with other local businesses, but it rarely works unless you meet the person. For example, I contacted a local music shop to ask a question, and mentioned that I could also work on the website as part of the email. Every time I send an email like that (and it's only when I have a legit question), I just receive an answer and no response about the website. That's too bad, since most of these local businesses would benefit from a new customer and a fresh web design.

    Anyhow, if your local business needs a website, I'm here. If you're more in need of consultant, writer, trainer, branding expert, or virtual COO, Jeff's a great person to contact.
  • If You Have to Ask How Much Fortress Garage Suites Cost...
    That's right, you can't afford one. If you have to ask, I mean. But they do (or will) exist in Jacksonville. 13 of 30 are sold at the location I saw near Beach and I-295.

    If you don't have to ask, they start at about $170,000. People who are in the market for a garage suite more than likely own a home valued at 10x the garage price, as well as cars valued at more than my home's value. But they are real people, too, and they are totally normal once you get to know them.

    Then there's that one crew that pools together for a garage suite because all four of the guys own one nice car. Except the one guy, we'll call him Todd, doesn't make his $42,500 payment. Never should have trusted Todd, boys. Not when it comes to money. Or dating your sister.

    For most of the people, this is a man-cave deluxe. Some of the online renderings make it seem like where you might bring all your guys to hang out, complete with basketball hoop, but others have couches and intimate lighting, so maybe you bring your dates to see your NSX?

    I love cars, so I really want to understand garage suites that cost more than my second house. I guess for people who have that million-dollar house but not enough room to add a nice garage. I mean, these are nice garages, with room for four cars and some weird observation deck where you can stand and look at your cars from above. And watch TV. I guess you could also fit more cars with one of those car stands that allow you to drive one car above another, since these garages are two stories high.

    They are over 1,000 square feet. Somewhere slightly bigger than 20' wide by 50' deep. With RVs running about 8' by 30', maybe some people will store two RVs in their Fortress Garages, though it's definitely marketed for car enthusiasts. And no one owns two RVs, right? Maybe fifty motorcycles, none stolen.

    So $170,000 gets you in the door, then pay your own utilities. There's a clubhouse in case you're not storing your Sega Genesis in the loft area. Or if you need more guy time once your guy friends stop coming along to stare at your cars worth more than their life insurance policies.

    I assume some VIPs with Ferraris will pretend like they are going to work on their cars here, but I'm not sure if it's the right kind of setting for DIY oil changes and fixing the other 80,000 problems you get to own along with the Ferrari.

    But it's a good place to start up that Cobra, rev it, pull it into the alley, show it to the other guys, and then slip back into the Cobra Cocoon.

    And then there's the elusive guy who supposedly owns a McLaren F1, but he only shows up on Tuesdays at 10am when everyone else is at work, except the old guy with three Corvettes named after his three ex-wives.

    You know what, I really want in. No matter how sad I try to make it seem, I'd love to have a special home for my 1986 Bertone X 1/9, surrounded by other cars loved as much by their owners, who would all understand why I can't sell my Precious. Even though my wife did make me sell my Sega Genesis, so I'll be over after I stare at my car a while to play Streets of Rage.

    But the problem is that I had to ask how much, so maybe I'll just drive by the place a few times with my X, hoping someone will see me and want a selfie with their MR-2 or TR-7, and invite me into the fortress. Just for a fleeting moment, as a sing Calloway's "I Wanna be Rich" to myself.