If you've written anything someone else might want to read, you owe it to yourself to throw the book on Amazon and then create an author page. If you have an Amazon account, it's easy to sign up for theĀ Kindle Direct Publishing page and then sign up as an author at Author Central. You might not become a best seller. In fact, your own parents likely won't buy what you write, but you will be listed alongside all of the famous authors of all time, for as long as Amazon rules over online shopping, and that's kind of something.

It also provides a way for you to get your name, images, and blogs out there, even if you're just looking to find a new career in auto maintenance. In fact, if you're the only guy applying to a job at a car dealership who has written a book about cars, that's probably a good thing for you. While you may never write the authoritative apocalyptic story about West Allis like Alex and me, you can write a short story and sell it for a buck, and then get an author profile to promote your other endeavors. It's not a bad deal.