Have you ever been on the road for a long time, maybe missing church a few Sundays in a row? Did you ever think to listen to a church service? When you pull into a wayside or motel for the night with some wi-fi, that's all you need. It's better for you than all the other things you could be reading or looking at online. Your wife and kids will appreciate the fact that you're staying in line, too.

Lutheran Radio Church Service provides weekly online church services, but you can also access the archives all the way back to 2013. If you are WELS or LCMS, this is a perfect opportunity to get some churchin in, but even if you're not Lutheran, you can listen to the message. This radio church program is recorded in the Milwaukee, WI area, so if you know the area, you might recognize some of the pastors, including Peter Kelm, Jeffrey Mueller, Peter Schmidt, David G. Peters, Larry Gates, Adam Sorenson, Paul Huebner, and so many more.

Whether you're from West Allis or West Virginia, Lutheran Radio Church Service can provide you some church time, any time.