Not only is Wild West Allis: Every Story Ever Told About Mild, Wild West Allis, Wisconsin, available in Wisconsin and the United States, it's also a story that can be read around the world. How exciting! People from Japan can read about Kenji and the other Japanese/Chinese stuff in So Sue Me.
日本から来た人は、ケンジーと他の日本/中国のものについて、So Sue Meで読むことができます。
Nihon kara kita hito wa, kenjī to hoka no Nihon/ Chūgoku no mono ni tsuite, So Sue Me de yomu koto ga dekimasu. People in the UK can wish they'd just given us some representation with that taxation. Those in Germany can try to understand American humor.
Diejenigen in Deutschland können versuchen, den amerikanischen Humor zu verstehen. The French will appreciate the avant-garde storytelling.
Les Français apprécieront le récit d'avant-garde. I think people in Spain can read and write. Wasn't that one author Spanish?
Creo que la gente en España puede leer y escribir. ¿No fue ese un autor español? Ah, Venice! Italians can join, too. Ah, Venezia! Anche gli italiani possono unirsi. Is NL The Netherlands? More like National League. Go Brewers! Is NL Nederland? Meer zoals National League. Ga Brewers! Brazil. Is that Spanish or Portugese? If they want to learn about West Allis, it's English, baby! Brasil. Isso é espanhol ou português? Se eles querem aprender sobre West Allis, é inglês, baby! O, Canada. You can read aboot West Allis withoot gooing oot of the hoose. Mexico will love this tale of American vampires. There's a poem about building a fence, too. México amará esta historia de vampiros estadounidenses. También hay un poema sobre construir una cerca. I have actually seen some Australian movies with neighborhoods that resemble West Allis, except kind of out in the country a bit more. And Mad Max. India represents a huge English-speaking market that has yet to purchase any of my other books. However, this one is about American culture. Everyone loves American culture. भारत एक विशाल अंग्रेजी भाषी बाजार का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है जिसने अभी तक मेरी कोई अन्य पुस्तकें खरीद नहीं ली हैं। हालांकि, यह अमेरिकी संस्कृति के बारे में है। हर कोई अमेरिकी संस्कृति से प्यार करता है।
Sorry, China.