Is it Central v Hale or something more universal? could be the last pair of longer shorts at the sporting goods store.



  • "A rival is a person who competes for the same object or goal as another. A rival is a person who disputes the prominence or superiority of another. Nowhere else is the concept of deep structure more apparent than in a rivalry. Two people have the same goal--whether it is to win the hand of another or to conquer each other's armies or to win a chess game--and each has her own motivation. The possibilities are endless. Whenever two people compete for a common goal, you have rivalry." "A principle rule of this plot is that the two adversaries should have equivalent strengths (although they can have different weaknesses). ... The point is that whatever the strength of one party, the other party has a _compensating_ strength that levels the balance." May be the classic struggle between good and evil, or both parties may be deserving. "The tension comes from their opposition. Whether it's a pitcher facing a batter or two politicians squaring off to run for office, two people cannot occupy the same space. One must win, one must lose (with all its variations of winning and losing). Rivalry is competition." (my note: what happens when one party reframes the struggle in a win-win framework, expanding the possibilities into both gaining?) -