Trying to find the hidden meaning in something, like why Western Days?

Existallis: A Wild West Allis Story (Every Story Ever Told About West Allis, Wisconsin Book 1)



  • "A riddle is a deliberately enigmatic or ambiguous question." The answer should have both surprise and cleverness. This has evolved into the mystery. "A challenge to the reader to solve the problem." -
  • The riddle plot entertains the audience and challenges them to find the solution before the hero, who steadily and carefully uncovers clues and hence the final solution. The story may also be spiced up with terrible consequences if the riddle is not solved in time. -
  • plot involves the Protagonist's search for clues to find the hidden meaning of something in question that is deliberately enigmatic or ambiguous. -

from A Real West Allis Word Problem

So let’s say you have this random triangle in your yard, and you know it’s a right triangle because of a mysterious colored-in square down at its base. Your grill is sitting in the middle of this right triangle. No, not your mouth grille; your charcoal grill. The fact that the grill’s in the middle doesn’t even matter, though. You’re trying to find out if you have enough room along the longest side of the triangle to park your Econoline 15 passenger broken-down van, somewhere out of the way of the neighbors’ gaze, since old Mr. Jones doesn’t approve of your frequent archery practice in the vicinity of his poodle, and he doesn’t like the van, either....

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