People from West Allis are often perceived as underdogs.



  • "The underdog plot is a form of rivalry the underdog plot, the strengths aren't equally matched. The protagonist is at a disadvantage and is faced with overwhelming odds." "This plot is near and dear to our hearts because it represents the ability of the one over the many, the small over the large, the weak over the powerful, the 'stupid' over the 'smart.'" "If you want your reader to feel empathy for your protagonist, make sure that her emotional and/or intellectual plane is equal to or lower than the reader's. ..."



from The Ballad of Chigger Thompson

The world is full of them.  Full.  Heroes riding their black Harleys like white stallions, dreaming of the day that they’ll walk into an Open Pantry, spot the trailer-trash junkie with a cheap .22 waiting to knock off poor Omar trying to make a decent living. One quick, boot-kick to the chest and it’s free slushies for life.  The world doesn’t need more dream heroes.  The world needs more Chiggers. 

                                In the land without real heroes, one man stood alone

                                From the seed of Sally and Chadwick, West Allis was his home

                                Chadwick Jr. was his birth name, Chad and C.J. were too plain

                                So this is the ballad of Chigger Thompson, a man who had no kin

                                Yet a brother to all, who aren’t too callous

                                For he is the guardian of the land known as Stallis.


You might call them a dirty-dozen. Hell, that’s probably because they showered only 2-3 times a week cuz it cut into their drinking time.   And their drinking time was right here at Sal’s Nickel Saloon.  Home of the $4 ‘Ball Buster’, the greasiest, hottest jalapeno burger this side of the Mississip.  Yep, so hot your stomach made you shat so much your balls started to ache.  Hemorrhoids be damned.   Anyway, we’re not here to talk about that wicked enema.  We’re here to listen in as these dozen hombres regale us with stories of a real hero, a West Allis hero: Chigger Thompson.  Let’s take a listen and hear what tales the soft June breeze blows our way.


“Stan!” The half-in-the-bag chorus sang out as late-evening sunshine burst through Sal’s swinging doors, spilling around the hairy shoulders of Stan Shirpkee, the thin straps of his pale gray tank suffocating like a fly in spider’s web......

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