Some people might want to escape from West Allis. Then again, lots of people want to escape from Milwaukee or even Sussex, so it's a perspective thing.


  • The escape plot is physical, and as such, concentrates its energy on the mechanics of capture and escape. ... Escape in this plot is literal: The protagonist is confined against her will and wants to escape." This is a kind of mirror to the rescue plot--instead of waiting patiently to be rescued, here the victim is their own hero and frees themselves. -
  • In a kind of reversal of the rescue, a person must escape, perhaps with little help from others. In this, there may well be elements of capture and unjust imprisonment. There may also be a pursuit after the escape. -
  • plot involves a Protagonist confined against their will who wants to escape (does not include some one trying to escape their personal demons). -


from Amateur Baseball in Bloom

Ten years after final cuts,

And a few after the career-ending

ACL surgery left no scholarship

Still playing at Rainbow Park.

A day in too-early spring
The sponge-field feels cold:
Broken-metal-bat cold.
So why?
Every ball waterlogged
from yesterday’s rain
and this morning’s drizzle
and tomorrow’s chance of showers....

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